A meme token based on the three wise monkeys. Bringing generational wealth to the Bitrock Blockchain.

Contract Address: 0xE8a4F717Ac5b08BcCc7240D649af653b2577b36a

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More than a token, a narrative in wise gestures

$APE is based on the gestures of the three wise monkeys. It has no religious backgrounds or anything of the sort; it’s simply about the gestures of the three wise monkeys, and each individual can decide for themselves whether they can identify with it or not.


Quarter 1
Launch Token / Website / Telegram
Quarter 2
CMC and CG Listing
Twitter Takeover
Quarter 3
Sniper Bot
Quarter 4
Generational Wealth

$APE Supply: 200,000,000,000

There are no team or pre-sale tokens or anything similar. $APE was a stealth-launched token with a 5% tax: 3% to LP and 2% to marketing. The liquidity pool is locked forever

CA (Contract Address): 0xE8a4F717Ac5b08BcCc7240D649af653b2577b36a


Stake your $APE for rewards in $BROCK

We are thrilled to be the first on-chain project on Bitrock offering staking rewards in $BROCK for our holders with a 5% APR. Maximize your earnings by securely staking $APE tokens. Connect your wallet and stake now.

Burn Mechanism

To make our token deflationary, we’ve developed a spin wheel. To spin, you need to purchase a ticket, and this ticket costs 10,000,000 $APE. All $APE generated through ticket sales will be automatically burned. On our wheel website, you can view various prizes that are available on our wheel.

How to Buy


$APE is an asset on the Bitrock Blockchain, which means that you must first purchase $Brock


 Download the MetaMask wallet and connect it. When you open MetaMask, you can select the network you want to use in the top left corner. Choose Bitrock here, and if you haven’t added it yet, you’ll need to add it manually


Once you have added the Bitrock network and switched your network to Bitrock, copy your wallet address and send $Brock to the address


Go to Rock-Swap.io and select “Token” in the bottom row, then add the $APE contract address and swap your $BROCK to $APE

CA: 0xE8a4F717Ac5b08BcCc7240D649af653b2577b36a

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Trade Token:

DISCLAIMER -> $Brock exists on two different chains, Ethereum and Bitrock Blockchain. If your $BROCK is on the Ethereum chain, you must first bridge it. You can do this through the following link: https://bridge.bit-rock.io/